Import ChatGPT To Google Sheets

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“How do I import ChatGPT responses into Google Sheets?”
“Is there a way to integrate ChatGPT and Google Sheets?

Digital marketer

ChatGPT allow marketers to automate tasks, such as creating content, and handling customer queries. This frees up marketers to focus on more important tasks, such as creating compelling campaigns, analyzing data, and developing strategies.

The next step is to import responses from ChatGPT to Google Sheets. With Google Sheets, it allows you to collaborate with other team members and share insights across departments.

Requirement: ChatGPT API Secret Key

First is to find your API key in your ChatGPT account.

1 – Log-in to your ChatGPT account.

2 – Select and click on API.

chatgpt to google sheets

3 – In the upper right, click on your profile and then click on View API keys.

chatgpt sheets 03

4 – Click on + Create new secret key.

chatgpt sheets 04

5 – Name your key. Then click on Create secret key.

chatgpt sheets 05

6 – Your secret API key appears. Take note and save the secret key before closing as you won’t be able to view again.

7 – Click on Done (only after saving it somewhere).

chatgpt sheets 06

How To Connect ChatGPT with Google Sheets

To connect ChatGPT to Google Sheets, you need a Google Sheets add-on. These add-ons are usually paid add-ons. As mentioned, you can do it manually (for free) to save money. But in perspective, you might want to spend a little bit to save time.

two minute reports 01

Use Two Minute Reports in this use case. Two Minute Reports imports data from OpenAI directly to Google Sheets in minutes. No required coding skills.

Installing The Google Sheets Add-on

1 – Go to your Google Drive workspace.

2 – Click + New then create a new Google Sheets file.

tmr 0
tmr 00

3 – At the top of your file, click on Extensions. Then click on Add-ons. Then click on Get add-ons.

sheets 01

4 – Search for Two Minute Reports. Then install it.

tmr 1

5 – You now have the extension installed on your Google Sheets file.

sheets tmr 01

Import ChatGPT Data Source

1 – Launch the extension. A navigation pane on the right side appears.

sheets tmr 02

2 – Click on Add + under Data Sources.

tmr 16

3 – Name your data source. Then search and select ChatGPT.

chatgpt sheets 07

4 – Under API Key, enter your ChatGPT API key from earlier.

chatgpt sheets 08

4 – Click on Test Connection. The authentication should be successful.

chatgpt sheets 09

Import ChatGPT Data Query

This point in the process is importing responses of ChatGPT to the spreadsheet.

1 – Click on the burger icon. Then click on Data Queries.

2 – Click on Add +.

tmr 11

3 – Name your data query. Then find the ChatGPT data source you imported earlier.

4 – Save on Sheet is the location of the sheet where the data is imported to, so make you know what your tabs are named after. Add A1 under Cell in this example.

chatgpt sheets 10

5 – Select Standard.

6 – Under Prompt, enter what information you want ChatGPT to answer. In this example, I entered “tell me a joke about spaghetti.

7 – Under Spreadsheet, select No for now.

Ignore Output Options and Model Configuration for now.

chatgpt sheets 11

8 – Click on the Run query button.

Done! You imported ChatGPT responses to Google Sheets!

chatgpt sheets 12

Conclusion: Get ChatGPT Responses in Google Sheets

As businesses continue to manage multiple tasks, the importance of managing and analyzing chat data grows. Importing ChatGPT data to Google Sheets provides an easy and efficient way to organize and analyze this data.

Overall, importing ChatGPT data to Google Sheets not only simplifies data management but also opens the door for data-driven decision-making. Use the insights gained from analyzing chat data to improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

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