Maintain Your SEO Traffic with Seamless Migration Service

Move your website to a new architecture without compromising your SEO performance. Avoid ruining your migration process and guarantee a seamless SEO transition.

What Is a Website Migration?

A website migration is migrating or transitioning of resources of a website to a new infrastructure or environment. In other words, it’s moving your website to a new home. SEO migration is maintaining your SEO performance during this migration. In other words, it’s moving your website to a new home without losing furniture.

Who Is This Service For?

If you’re going through the following problems below, then my services is the perfect solution! Are you one of these?

Problem 1:
Last year I migrated my site to Shopify from Woocommerce. This was in November last year. Since then I have had no Meta descriptions passing through to Google and it’s impacting my presence in the rankings.”

Problem 4:
“We are looking to migrate from our WooCommerce Platform to Shopify. As we are ranked in a few keywords very highly, we are looking for an SEO expert to support us with this transition.”

Problem 2:
“We are looking for a freelancer to help with the SEO site migration of an old website from Squarespace to a new website on Webflow.

Problem 5:
“I require someone to migrate an old WordPress site to a new Webflow site ensuring impacts on Google Search are minimised. Redirects are put in place, page titles and metas are copied over. Domain name is the same as it was previously.”

Problem 7:

Problem 3:
“I recently did a migration to WordPress. My site was doing really well before. However, when we moved to WordPress, unfortunately, my engineer did not account for the “/” at the end of WordPress URLs.”

Problem 6:
“I am currently planning to migrate my website from another CMS to Shopify, and I am facing challenges with managing URL redirects due to the nature and volume of the URLs involved.”

How Can I Assist You?

Stage 1: Planning Phase

✔ Free consultation
✔ Set expectations and schedule
✔ Finalize URL changes

– Hop on a call and allow me to introduce myself.

– After which, we can discuss what you need. Are you going through a domain migration? or CMS change? or URL changes?

– I will send a proposal and schedule if you’d like to work with me.

Stage 2: Pre-Migration Phase

✔ Work with your web developer
✔ URL mapping for redirects
✔ Inspect changes to content
✔ Create new sitemap

– Allow me to connect and work with your web developer.

– Submit a spreadsheet a list of URLs that will be mapped to the new URL structure.

– In the same list, I’ll map if metadata and content are copied over. Otherwise, I’ll update them with your permission.

Stage 3: Migration Phase

✔ Check crawling and indexing
✔ Fix 404 not found
✔ Fix redirects
✔ Submit a new sitemap in Search Console

– I’ll check crawling and indexing of your new website.

– Catch redirects and ‘not found’ pages

– After which, I’ll inspect if content is broken and gives heads up to you and to your web developer.

– Submit new sitemap and add new property in Search Console (if it’s a domain migration)

Stage 4: Monitoring Phase

✔ Check Search Console
✔ Create dashboards and reports

– Report on traffic from Search Console.

– I’ll consult and guide you after the migration process.

Featured Article

If you want more information, read my guide on how to do an SEO migration properly. Then come back here and set a call with me!

Set a Quick Call

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✔ No 50-page PowerPoint presentations
✔ No agency-style pitches
✔ Only honest communication
✔ The goal is to find out if we’re a good match

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