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Hi I’m Francis and nice to meet you!

In the digital industry, there’s a large knowledge gap between developers and digital marketers. The goldmine of knowledge is the mix between these two departments.

…I’m the bridge of these two. My domain is where the non-technical and technical meet.

A Technical Marketer

I consider myself a technical marketer. Seems bizarre, right? What is technical marketing?

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Marketing is the art of helping people understand what you do and why they should care. It’s also a science because there are repeatable processes that drive success in marketing.

Things like understanding your target audience and defining their needs, crafting messages to resonate with them, and designing creatives that convey those messages effectively.

Technical Marketing is where business, art, and science meet. It’s a business because it fosters innovation. It’s an art because it teaches empathy. It’s also a science because there’s a process. Whether writing copy, designing creatives, or building code, technical marketing adds value to any organization.

I try to encourage people who are not technical to be more tolerant of technical things. This involved how to look at data, or explaining what custom events are, or mapping out the conversion funnel.

I’m placed in the marketing department handling their marketing analytics data. I handle things ‘under the hood’ or ‘behind the curtains’. I talk to developers for a considerable amount because website data are not configured correctly in most cases. Whether it’s about website tracking or technical SEO, there are knowledge gaps.

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Most companies are in the “do it yourself” space. They start with a noble aim to understand their businesses. But most fall short because of technical gaps.

Some companies require a “do it for you” person. I can manage this since I can do the implementation and I create easy dashboards on my own. I’m equipped with multiple tools in the marketing tech stack to get the conversation going.

But I’m only one person, and I can’t do everything on my own. I do search engine optimization, but I don’t do hands-on email outreach. I install user tracking, but I would need to work with developers if resources permit it.

I do keyword research for content marketing but I don’t write content. I do marketing dashboards but I need to work with your data science team to know your users better.

That being said, I offer a “done with you” approach. I offer guidance to your team. You ask a question, I answer as best as I can.

I do the following:
– Website Traffic Insights
– Analytics and Tags Measurement
– Landing Page Optimization
– SEO and Content Exploration
– Dashboards and Reports
– Training and Ongoing Consulting

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    It’s the first two letters of me and my siblings’ first names. Then the word ‘digital’. And it’s pronounced “lou-page”.

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    It’s the first letters of Lupage Digital creating a beautiful D, which means Data.

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