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“Do I need to be technical in digital marketing?”
“Are there resources on digital marketing that is on the technical side?”
“What are the different aspects of technical marketing?”

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I got an email from someone who commented that tracking internal links is so technical. It made you wonder if a person needs to be more technical in digital marketing. There are nuances in the question but I would say yes. So, you’re a digital marketer and you want to be more technical. But you don’t know where to start.


This article is a list of technical marketing resources that will get you started on the right path. Stay up-to-date with and keep your skill fresh in a fast-changing industry.

What Is Technical Marketing?

There are many definitions. there’s no formal definition of what technical marketing is. I’ll quote Hubspot’s definition:

“It refers to a specific type of marketing that focuses primarily on the specifications and, of course, ‘technical’ aspects of a product or service. This type of marketing centers on exactly how a product or service works, and therefore the detail of exactly how it will benefit the user.”


I explain Technical Marketing into two analogies:

a) Technical Marketing is anything that looks “under the hood” of digital marketing campaigns. When I say “under the hood”, it’s looking at how cars run. Most of us know what a car is. But we wouldn’t care so much to know the different parts of a car and how it works.

b) Technical Marketing is anything that looks “behind the curtains” of marketing campaigns. When I say “behind the curtains”, it’s when knowing the props where and how they operate. Most of us only watch a theater without caring how the show is being run.

In simpler terms, it’s knowing “how things work” and “where things are” in digital marketing.

What is a Marketing Technology Stack?

I’ll quote Optimizely’s definition:

“A marketing technology stack is a grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities. Often, the focus of marketing technologies (aka “martech”) is to make difficult processes easier, and to measure the impact of marketing activities and drive more efficient spending.”


I explain marketing technology as the tools that support the “system” “operation” of marketing campaigns. Once you get to this point, it’s all about the software to “make things happen” in digital marketing.

10 Technical Marketing Resources To Boost Your Career

For this article, I’ll focus more on resources rather than a list of software tools. I already covered different tools for digital marketing before. Don’t be scared of this article. Not everything here is about coding (but some of them are). And these are the ones that I have personally read and helped me learn more about the industry.

Lupage Digital

technical marketing lupage

Shameless plus! Lupage Digital is a good start if you want to learn technical ideas in digital marketing. My blog contains articles on tools like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and APIs. Most of the articles are guides and highlights “how things work”

I started this blog as a means to get clients and earn passive income. In hindsight, it was a great decision. One of the highlights is someone told me that my blog helped and that person said it was helpful.

linkedin blog comment
linkedin blog comment2

My blog is the only blog that I could (so far) on how to report on the Philippine stock exchange on Google Sheets. I’ve also written a guide on Google Optimize testing. My website is also the only website (that I know of) that has a bulk UTM generator.

Simo Ahava

technical marketing simmer

Simo Ahava is the Google Tag Manager and tracking champion. He’s famous for having major contributions to the world of tag management. He has a blog post dedicating GTM and other tech-related issues like data privacy and the web browser.

He released his new set of technical marketing courses. His server-side tagging has helped a lot of people in the marketing community.

His blog post “The Myth Of The Non-Technical Marketer” is identical to a manifesto. If you’re working in digital, you’re already technical. Give it a read to know more about this paradigm shift in the industry.

Sheets For Marketers

technical marketing sheets

Sheets For Marketers contains great resources on automating marketing tasks. A haven for Google Sheets and Google Data Studio tutorials and templates. The blog would feel right at home with marketers who are neck-deep with spreadsheets.

The blog has templates ranging from on-page SEO, backlink analysis, to web scraping. Anyone who is struggling with their marketing reports will find something useful in this blog.

My favorite thing about his blog is he has different lists of marketing APIs. He has a list for API ranging from SERP to Backlink analysis. He also has an APIs list for text analyzers. When you’re starting projects and looking into automate marketing, look into this resource.

CXL Institute

technical marketing

Owned by Peep Laja, Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Experience, and Branding expert. The blog is a goldmine of remarkable articles ranging from different topics. The blog has something for everyone if you’re working in product marketing, digital analytics, or branding,

This team also has a technical marketing course. The course lives up to the name of technical marketing. It contains topics on machine learning, coding, and cloud technology. Check the course and resources if you’re serious about diving into technical marketing.

Agency Automators

technical marketing agencyautomators

Agency Automators is a good start for those who want to learn technical marketing. The website is full of webinars from different people sharing technical ideas. As the name implies, it dives into topics that automate the workflows of agencies.

What’s great about the webinars is that they are natural which means that most of them are not for hard selling. Some of the webinars of Agency Automators run for more than an hour and it’s also conversational. This is good since normal webinars are restricted by time.

You can also join its slack community for free. You can get to meet lots of people in the industry. It’s also great for networking and learning new things about technical marketing.

Martech with Me

technical marketing martechwme

His blog is good for people who are looking byte size articles on Python and Google Sheets. He had a project on how he used the Moz API. He acquired the domain authority metric into Python and created reports. There are articles also on how to track Instagram and Facebook stats in Google Sheets. Cool stuff.

Martech with Me is managed by Yaniss Illoul. He also has a youtube channel. Hoping to learn more from him in the future.

SEO Pythonistas

technical marketing seopythonistas

I came across this website when I was looking for resources on Python application on SEO. Sure enough, this website came up and it’s full of remarkable articles. This website publishes articles on how Python can supercharge SEO optimizations.

Then you come across blogs like and These are Python blogs so it enforces the idea that Python and SEO complement one another. I get inspired on learning more Python when I read these articles. Read this resource if you need validation if Python has room in technical marketing.

Coding Is For Losers

technical marketing cifl

Coding Is For Losers (or CIFL) is another good resource for data automation. They are an agency but they provide in-depth tutorials on Google BigQuery and SQL. CIFL also provides report templates like content audits and other API guides.

They have a video on how Python can shape and transform SEO for the better. Good information if you’re curious where coding fits in the digital marketing structure.

Optimize Smart

technical marketing optimizesmart 1

Want to get your feet wet with digital analytics? Optimize Smart’s blog is the best way to start. Ran by Himanshu Sharma, Optimize Smart is a mountain of knowledge. Ranging from digital analytics to Facebook advertising.

The most valuable information I’ve read from him is attribution modeling in Google Analytics. Read his stuff if you don’t want to shy away from technical ideas. His blog not only focuses on technical ideas but also personal development. Some of his blog posts are about career paths where digital analytics takes you.

Data-led Academy

technical marketing dataled

Data-led Academy gear toward more on product analytics and product management. If you want to get a glimpse of “strategic data” in product management, then this blog is for you.

His blog “What are Data Types and Why are They Important?” and “How to Decide What Events to Track?” both highlight of what user properties are. It answers “who are our users that we can optimize toward?”. It’s more product-oriented and data than marketing but it lives up to the “technical” part.

Book: Hacking Marketing by Scott Brinker

hacking marketing book

Getting your feet wet with Marketing Technology? Read Hacking Marketing by Scott Brinker.

The point I got is the mantra “Marketing is everything” is incomplete. Marketing should borrow ideas from the software world to succeed in the digital space. This book was one of the first books when I started with digital marketing. It’s a good book and easy to read.

✓ Marketing programs today should now adapt software development frameworks.
✓ Marketing campaigns shouldn’t be a “waterfall” but should be more “agile”.
✓ Marketing is not only creative and artistic but also technical and mechanical.
✓ The digital space enables marketers to speak with their customers easier and closer.
✓ Marketing + Software = Win

Conclusion – Technical Marketing is the Skill To Have in Tech

Digital Marketing is a tough industry and you’re busy and have no time to learn. The way to make your skills relevant to be more “technical”. These blogs will help you learn about different aspects of technical marketing. Get an introduction to some key ideas and boost your marketing career.

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Francis is the owner and runs Lupage Digital. With 5 years of experience, Francis writes everything he knows about digital marketing. There’s a large knowledge gap between developers and digital marketers. Francis is the middleman between where the non-technical and technical meet.