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Gathering data is an essential step in the decision-making process of any organization. In this day and age of large data and artificial intelligence, automating data pipelines becomes a need. This article lists data integration tools available on the market that can help streamline your organization’s processes.

What is Data Integration?

Data integration is bringing data together from multiple sources to create an analysis-ready set of information. There are different types of data integration. The most prevalent method is extract, transform, and load (ETL). Combining data together in one place make it easy for key people in your organization to come up with analyses and decisions.

Data-driven organizations and modern businesses benefit greatly from automating their pipelines. Business intelligence (BI) systems including data integration tools simplify data gathering and analytics, which are a crucial part in marketing reports and operations.

BI allows fast and easy collection, processing, and presentation of clean, accurate data. With the help of data integration tools, you can optimize your organization and keep your competitive advantage.

Table Summary

ToolTrialTier 1 Price (USD)Tier 2 Price (USD)
Actiondesk14-day trial$150 / month$600 / month
AgencyAnalytics14-day trial$12 / month / client campaign$18 / month / client campaign
AppsmithFree forever$0.40 per hour per userCustom
CoefficientFree forever$59 / month$119 / month
Coupler14-day trial$25 / month$64 / month
DashThis15-day trial$45 / month$139 / month
DataboxFree forever$59 / month$169 / month
DataddoFree forever$129 / monthCustom
Datapine14-day trial$249 / month$449 / month
Fivetran14-day trialCustomCustom
Funnel14-day trial$400 annually$1,100 annually
HevoFree forever$299 / monthCustom
IFTTTFree forever$140 / month$280 / month
Integrate30-day trial$199 / monthCustom
Integrately14-day trial$29.99 / month$49 / month
MakeFree forever$10.59 / month$18.82 / month
Mixed AnalyticsFree forever$15 / month$29 / month
OWOX7-day trial$115 per month, billed annually$565 per month, billed annually
Panoply21-day trial$389 / month$779 / month
Parabola14-day trial$80 / monthCustom
PorterMetrics14-day trial$14.99 / month$39.95 / month
Power My Analytics14-day trial$14.95 / month$39.95 / month
SegmentFree forever$120 / monthCustom
SheetgoFree forever$22 / month$77 / month
SkyviaFree forever$19 / month$99 / month
Stitch14-day trial$100 / month$1,250 / month
Supermetrics14-day trial$69 per month, billed annually$239 per month, billed annually
TapclicksFree forever$149 / month$399 / month
Two Minute Reports14-day trial$7 / month$49 / month
Whatagraph14-day trial$223 per month, billed annually$335 per month, billed annually
Windsor30-day trial$23 / month$118 / month
ZapierFree forever$29.99 / month$73.50 / month

30+ Data Integration Tools to Use Today


data tool 01 actiondesk

Product Features

  1. Automate Reports
    Reports like weekly sales can be digested over Slack and email. Creating automated dashboards that are engaging and aesthetically pleasing is also simple.

  2. SQL Isn’t Needed
    Although SQL can still be used, it’s not necessary when connecting and importing data. Actiondesk is a no-code BI tool, so there’s no need to write SQL.

  3. Mix Data From Different Sources
    Live data integrated from various sources can be accessed by stakeholders on the same sheet at the same time. It makes collaboration and communication seamless with accurate and up-to-date information. This feature is secure because databases can’t be edited through Actiondesk.

Product Pricing

  1. Basic Plan
    Pricing starts at $150 per month.
    • Good for 5 users
    • Daily refresh time
    • 2 classic data sources

  2. Growth Plan
    Pricing starts at $600 per month.
    • Unlimited number of users 
    • Hourly refresh time
    • 4 classic data sources
    • Data analyst time
    • Custom models and tables


data tool 27 agencyanalytics

Product Features

  1. Custom Marketing Dashboards
    Make marketing dashboards that are visually appealing and address your clients’ specific needs. The interface is user-friendly and integrates data from multiple sources.

  2. Automated Reporting
    The report scheduling and approval process are simple. Use the report scheduling feature to automate marketing reports in minutes.

  3. SEO Tools
    AgencyAnalytics has a suite of SEO tools that help improve organic rankings in search engines. These tools include a backlink checker, site audit, and automated SEO reporting.

Product Pricing

  1. Freelancer Plan
    Pricing is $12 per month per client campaign.
    • Minimum purchase of 5 client campaigns
    • 1 custom dashboard per campaign
    • 5 staff

  2. Agency Plan
    Pricing is $18 per month per client campaign.
    • Minimum purchase of 10 client campaigns
    • Unlimited custom dashboards per campaign
    • Unlimited staff


data tool 02 appsmith

Product Features

  1. Self-Hosted
    Take total control of your data privacy securely. Appsmith is simple and easy to deploy with the recommended configuration for maximum performance.

  2. Secure Authentication Methods
    There are different authentication and authorization methods on Appsmith. One option is to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) with custom authentication methods using available SSO integrations for a smooth and secure login experience.

  3. Partner Program
    Aside from being a developer-friendly low-code solution, Appsmith has a partner ecosystem that helps developers build apps quickly. The partner program allows access to thousands of customers and training from a team of experts.

Product Pricing

  1. Business Plan
    Pricing is $0.40 per hour per user and capped at $20 per user per month. It includes:
    • Unlimited users 
    • Unlimited data sources and widgets
    • Audit logs
    • Priority support
    • Custom branding
    • Embed private apps with SSO
    • Versioning with git and unlimited repos
    • Granular access controls by roles and attributes
    • Okta, Auth0, Azure AD + any SAML, OIDC SSO
    • Coming soon: Multiple environments

  2. Enterprise Plan
    Pricing is customized and it includes:
    • Everything in Business 
    • App migration services
    • Airgapped edition
    • Custom integrations and widgets
    • Dedicated support and SLAs
    • Dedicated solutions engineering
    • Coming soon: User provisioning and group sync through SCIM


data tool 33 coefficient

Product Features

  1. Import your data in seconds
    Connect your system to Google Sheets in one click. Build live pivot tables on top of your cloud systems with fewer steps.

  2. Unlock live data and dashboards
    It covers renaming, hiding, reordering, and editing columns to organize and clean data. Create formula fields to save time and enrich data. Also use familiar formulas for valuable data insights.

  3. Update systems directly from your spreadsheet
    Data visualization is made easy with user-friendly dashboards and reporting templates. There are dashboards for every need including customized dashboards.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pricing is $59 per month.
    • 5,000 rows
    • 1 data source + $30 per additional source
    • Daily auto data refresh
    • Data writebacks up to 100 rows
    • Slack and email alerts
    • OpenAI API Calls

  2. Pro Plan
    Pricing is $119 per month.
    • Unlimited rows
    • 1 data source + $60 per additional source
    • Hourly auto data refresh
    • Data writebacks
    • Slack and email alerts
    • OpenAI API Calls
    • Multi-user support
    • Shared connections
    • Consolidated billing


data tool 03 coupler

Product Features

  1. 200+ Integrations
    Coupler offers more than 200 integrations to gather and analyze data together. This helps with saving time on reporting and analytics.

  2. Transform Module
    It covers renaming, hiding, reordering, and editing columns to organize and clean data. Create formula fields to save time and enrich data. Also use familiar formulas for valuable data insights.

  3. Ready-Made Dashboards and Templates
    Data visualization is made easy with user-friendly dashboards and reporting templates. There are dashboards for every need including customized dashboards.

Product Pricing

  1. Lite Plan
    Pricing is $25 per month.
    • Single user
    • 3 importers
    • Good for taking the first steps in data automation or solving minor data-related tasks

  2. Starter Plan
    Pricing is $64 per month.
    • 2 users
    • Unlimited importers
    • Good for entrepreneurs and small teams that start with no-code data export


data tool 25 dashthis

Product Features

  1. Change Plans or Cancel Your Account Anytime
    You can change plans easily from within your account, and you don’t even need to inform DashThis. If you cancel your plan whenever you have to, you’ll only be charged for your current pay period.

  2. Discount for Nonprofits
    Nonprofit organizations get 30% off DashThis’ regular prices. Contact their Sales Team for details and assistance.

  3. Preset Dashboard Templates
    Create reports effortlessly and quickly with DashThis’ preset dashboard templates. There are plenty of templates to choose from, and you can customize them to suit your needs.

Product Pricing

  1. Individual Plan
    Pricing is $45 per month.
    • 3 dashboards
    • Unlimited users, integrations, and data sources

  2. Professional Plan
    Pricing is $139 per month.
    • 10 dashboards
    • White-labeled dashboards
    • Custom color themes, domain, and email


data tool 29

Product Features

  1. Automated Reports
    Databox is an all-in-one report automation tool that makes sharing reports easy. The Databox Reports Editor has an intuitive interface and customization options.

  2. Automated Reminders
    Review and approve reports before sending them with the help of automated reminders. Add the necessary team members when setting the reminders.

  3. 100+ One-click Integrations
    The integrations are loaded with hundreds of pre-configured Datablocks and thousands of default metrics. There are also more than 200 pre-built reports.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pricing is $59 per month.
    • For startups and small businesses
    • 5 users
    • Data updated every 4 hours
    • 11 months of historical data
    • High-level performance management

  2. Professional Plan
    Pricing is $169 per month.
    • For mid-sized businesses
    • 15 users
    • Data updated hourly
    • 24 months of historical data
    • Up to 300 custom metrics
    • More advanced analysis
    • Connect any data source


data tool 04 dataddo

Product Features

  1. Maintenance-free and Fully Managed
    Dataddo’s team of engineers proactively monitors and maintains connectors and pipelines. They also manage all API changes.

  2. No-Code Data Integration
    Automate data transfer from any source to any destination in a matter of minutes. Data are analytics-ready.

  3. Connector Request
    There are more than 200 connectors currently and new connectors are added every week. If there’s a service you need but can’t find it on Dataddo, you can request for custom connectors.

Product Pricing

  1. Data to Dashboards
    Pricing is $129 per month.
    • 50 data sources
    • Sync data hourly
    • Assisted onboarding

  2. Headless Data Integration
    Pricing is customized.
    • Unlimited number of sources
    • Unlimited sync frequency
    • Dedicated architect


data tool 28 datapine

Product Features

  1. Intelligent Alert System
    Data alerts can be customized to monitor business performance easily. Datapine’s data alerts let you know when something important happens based on trends and patterns.

  2. Business Reporting Software
    There are multiple reporting options. The software gives an easy way to visualize and communicate insights in one centralized and accessible platform. 

  3. Embedded Analytics
    Datapine offers a wide range of customizable embedded dashboards. Its embedded BI solution is fast and easy to use.

Product Pricing

  1. Basic Plan
    Pricing is $249 per month.
    • For small companies and early-stage startups
    • Limited data
    • Basic analytical requirements
    • 1 user limited to 3 data sources
    • Advanced analytics
    • Custom formulas
    • Automated reporting

  2. Professional Plan
    Pricing is $449 per month.
    • For companies with multiple users
    • Advanced analytical and dashboarding requirements
    • 2 users and 2 viewers
    • Interactive dashboards
    • Advanced sharing options


data tool 32 fivetran

Product Features

  1. Preferred Data Processing Location
    Fivetran has servers in the US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore. You can choose your preferred data processing location.

  2. Connectors
    AI Writer would allow you to reword your article in case you have content written already. You just need to submit that content on the tool and it will take just two minutes to reword the whole content.

  3. Security
    Features include SSH tunnels, secure deployment options, and automated column hashing. Data is encrypted, purged after it is successfully written, and sensitive data is hashed or blocked.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pay only for what you use.
    • 10 users
    • 1-hour syncs
    • 300+ fully managed connectors
    • Automatic schema migrations
    • Integration for dbt Core
    • Role-based access control
    • Modern ELT for application and file sources

  2. Standard Plan
    Pay only for what you use.
    • Everything in the Starter Plan
    • Unlimited users
    • 15-min syncs
    • Database connectors
    • Access to Fivetran’s REST API


data tool 05 funnel

Product Features

  1. Marketing Data Hub
    It’s a single source of truth where all data are in one place for analyzing and reporting. You can combine sales data or CRM with advertising data to gain insights.

  2. No-Code Interface
    You can build custom dimensions and metrics to get more insights quickly. Not writing a code also makes connecting, storing, organizing, and sharing data easy.

  3. Automatic Currency Conversion
    Funnel converts costs, revenue numbers, and currencies automatically. It also allows you to use your exchange rates depending on your business.

Product Pricing

  1. Essentials Plan
    Pricing is $400 annually.
    • 700 flexpoints
    • Everything in Free starter plan
    • Share data with BI tools
    • Share data with warehouses and storage

  2. Plus Plan
    Pricing is $1,100 annually.
    • 1,000 flexpoints
    • Everything in Essentials
    • Up to 3 custom connectors
    • Multiple workspaces
    • Unlimited users


data tool 06 hevo

Product Features

  1. Smart Assist
    It displays any error or warning about a potential failure. Smart Assist also lists the modifications to resolve an error and provides actions to fix an immediate problem.

  2. Recent Data First
    This is the method Hevo uses to fetch historical data. It provides you with quick access to your latest historical data.
  3. Request Features 
    You can submit a feature request through the Hevo dashboard or suggest new features and new connectors through the Select Source Type, Select Destination Type, and Select Activate Warehouse pages. Another way of doing that is to inform the support team through the Live Chat.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pricing is $299 per month.
    • More than 150 connectors
    • Unlimited users
    • Free setup assistance
    • On-demand events
    • 24×7 live chat support

  2. Business Plan
    Pricing is customized.
    • Everything in Starter
    • Single sign-on
    • Granular permissions (RBAC)
    • Multiple workspaces
    • Multi-region workspaces
    • Dedicated compute for faster pipelines
    • Dedicated account team
    • Premium support
    • Complimentary solutions architect
    • External APIs


data tool 08 ifttt

Product Features

  1. Create Your Own Applet
    Applets connect two or more services to make a new experience. You can build your own Applet if you haven’t found the right automation that does what you require.

  2. Building with Filter Code
    Filter code allows you some control over the very straightforward logic of regular Applets. Instructions to add filter code to your Applets are provided, and if you’re not confident writing code, there are code generators to get started.

  3. No-Code Platform on Mobile
    You can automate from anywhere at any time. Their Android and iOS apps make automation easy.

Product Pricing

  1. Pro Plan
    Pricing is $140 per month.
    • 20 Applets
    • Multi-action Applets
    • Increased rate limits
    • Exclusive triggers and actions
    • Customer support

  2. Pro+ Plan
    Pricing is $280 per month.
    • Everything in Pro
    • Unlimited Applets
    • Developer tools
    • AI services
    • Connect multiple accounts
    • Use queries and filter code
    • Prioritized customer support


data tool 09 integrate

Product Features

  1. Total Pipeline Automation
    There are more than 100 pre-built data connectors that simplify user experiences. Data pipelines can be automated in minutes and the auto-schema mapping ensures updates every time.

  2. Complete Scalability
    With Integrate’s dedicated automated infrastructure, there’s no data replication lag. It allows you to scale with any environment.

  3. Unified Analytics and Insights
    The data replication for a single source of reporting truth and deep insights is fast and easy. Initial sync is free.

Product Pricing

  1. 5M Rows
    Pricing is $199 per month. All plans include:
    • Unlimited connectors
    • Free initial sync
    • 5-minute sync replication
    • Data processing region selection
    • VPN tunnels
    • Customer S3 intermediary storage

  2. More than 600M Rows
    Contact Integrate or your Account Rep for pricing.


data tool 10 integrately

Product Features

  1. SmartConnect
    With one click, you can automatically connect your apps and automate your tasks. You don’t need to code to move data between apps.
  2. Auto-Retry
    It retries records that failed in the last 24 hours automatically when you update the automation. Also, if an app goes down, Auto-Retry will keep trying to connect with the app. 

  3. Millions of Ready Automations
    There are more than 8 million pre-made automations for more than 1,050 apps including new apps. All you have to do is choose automation and activate it.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pricing is $29.99 per month.
    • 2,000 tasks
    • 5-minute update time
    • 3 premium apps
    • 20 automations
    • 1 user

  2. Professional Plan
    Pricing is $49 per month.
    • 10,000 tasks
    • 2-minute update time
    • Unlimited premium apps
    • Unlimited automations
    • 1 user


make 01b

Product Features

  1. No-Code Toolkit
    Create workflows with Make’s tools and without coding. There are thousands of apps to choose from, and you can connect to any public API.

  2. Live-Stream Execution Details
    You can see the status of your automations at all times. It also stops executions that are in progress.

  3. New Architecture
    It’s designed to meet the global demand and be deployed across geographies. The new architecture increases Make’s performance, stability, and availability.

Product Pricing

  1. Core Plan
    Pricing is $10.59 per month.
    • No-code visual workflow builder
    • 1,000+ apps
    • Unlimited active scenarios
    • Access to the Make API
    • Minimum 1 minute interval between scheduled scenario executions

  2. Pro Plan
    Pricing is $18.82 per month.
    • Everything in Core
    • Custom variables
    • Scenario inputs
    • Full-text execution log search
    • Operations usage flexibility
    • Priority scenario execution

Mixed Analytics

data tool 12

Product Features

  1. Multi-Query Requests
    You canrun multiple requests as a unified block. Multi-query requests are available for custom requests.

  2. Pagination Handling
    This feature handles most types of paginated API responses automatically. If you encounter an API that uses some other pagination method, you can contact support with details of the API.

  3. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
    Subscription fees will be refunded 100% upon request, for any reason, within 30 days of initial purchase.

Product Pricing

  1. Pro Plan
    Pricing is $15 per month.
    • 1 user
    • 4,500 requests per month
    • 15 saved requests
    • Daily scheduling
    • Email support

  2. Business Plan
    Pricing is $29 per month.
    • 1 user
    • 60,000 requests per month
    • 100 saved requests
    • Hourly scheduling
    • Export requests
    • OAuth connections
    • Priority support


data tool 24

Product Features

  1. All-in-One Marketing Analytics Tool
    The cutting-edge technology OWOX continues to develop helps marketers and analysts collect, transform, and analyze data easily. OWOX uses Google Cloud Platform and Google Analytics.

  2. Transformation Templates
    There are pre-built templates and templates for customization. You’ll be able to simplify data preparation and gain insights quickly.

  3. Pipelines
    If you need more pipelines, you can pay extra for pipelines exceeding your plan limits. You won’t be billed for inactive pipelines.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pricing starts at $115 per month, billed annually.
    • Analytics-ready data on a daily basis
    • No-code data extraction from advertising services
    • 1 pipeline
    • 1 seat
    • 7-day data actualization

  2. Growth Plan
    Pricing starts at $565 per month, billed annually.
    • Enhanced functionality to manage multiple integrations
    • Unlimited data blending flexibility
    • Accurate acquisition campaign tracking
    • 10 pipelines
    • 5 seats
    • 21-day data actualization
    • Everything in Starter


data tool 13 panoply

Product Features

  1. No-Code Data Connectors
    Sync all your business data from various sources in just a few clicks and store them securely in the cloud. You’ll be able to access them with visualization and BI tools.

  2. One Easy-to-Access Reference Point for All Business Data
    Access to all data in a single source of truth helps members of your organization avoid seeing different versions at different times. You can also ask questions instantly.

  3. Flex Connector
    This generic ELT gives you the flexibility to bring data in your warehouse. Lite tier users can build and maintain their own connectors while users of the Standard tier and above can get support in building and maintaining custom data connectors.

Product Pricing

  1. Lite Plan
    Pricing is $389 per month.
    • 10 million rows per month
    • 1 TB storage
    • Flex connector: self-service
    • Email and docs support
    • Additional rows are $12 per million

  2. Standard Plan
    Pricing is $779 per month.
    • 50 million rows per month
    • 2 TB storage
    • Flex connector: managed
    • Email, docs, chat, and video support
    • Onboarding with a customer success engineer 
    • Enable GDPR Compliance
    • Additional rows are $10 per million


data tool 14 parabola

Product Features

  1. Standardize with AI
    This step cleans up messy, error-prone data. For example, it corrects words that are misspelled or have undesirable casing.

  2. Parabola Tables
    The Send to Parabola Table step helps you create and share simple dashboards, reports, and custom data sets. The Pull from Parabola Table step unlocks new ways of linking data sets and flows together.

  3. Edit Columns
    Select columns, Rename columns, and Reorder columns are combined in the Edit columns step. This one step can remove or keep columns, change the names of columns, and update the order of columns.

Product Pricing

  1. Solo Plan
    Pricing is $80 per month.
    • 2 scheduled flows
    • 1 user
    • 75 steps per flow
    • Daily scheduling
    • Email support

  2. Advanced Plan
    Contact sales for pricing.
    • Custom number of scheduled or triggered flows
    • Custom number of users
    • 400+ steps per flow
    • 10-minute scheduling
    • Granular access controls and audit logs
    • Priority support
    • Dedicated customer success and launch managers
    • Team-specific trainings
    • Custom integration configuration
    • Custom implementation and project management


data tool 15 porter

Product Features

  1. Google Looker Studio Report
    You can get your first marketing report and keep the template for free. This report updates automatically.

  2. No-Code Marketing Reporting
    Porter Metrics provides integration and storage solutions using tools you already know. All your marketing data can be centralized and your reports get automated in minutes.

  3. Unlimited Users
    Users aren’t charged. You’re allowed to add users anytime through the user portal.

Product Pricing

  1. Solo Plan
    Pricing is $14.99 per month.
    • Connect 1 account
    • Live chat and email
    • Unlimited users

  2. Teams Plan
    Pricing is $39.99 per month.
    • Connect 5 accounts
    • Add up to 7 extra accounts for $7.9 each
    • Unlimited users

Power My Analytics

data tool 16 powermyanalytics

Product Features

  1. Marketing Data Warehouse
    Data is stored in Google Cloud and managed by Power My Analytics. This warehousing solution is secure, allows for seamless integration, and provides flexibility.

  2. Flexible Plans
    You can switch plans anytime. These plans scale with your growth.

  3. Innovative Custom Tools
    Power My Analytics is one of Google’s original certified partners. Their data connectors integrate with most marketing tools and popular data sources.

Product Pricing

  1. Single Plan
    Pricing is $14.95 per month.
    • 1 source
    • Email and chat support
    • Daily ad cost exports for Google Analytics

  2. Business Plan
    Pricing is $39.95 per month.
    • 5 sources
    • 1 account per source
    • 10 business locations for Google Business Profile
    • Email, chat, and phone support
    • Ideal for businesses that need a handful of data sources


data tool 26 segment

Product Features

  1. Debugger
    You can test your connections between your destination and Segment through an Event Tester. It ensures that an event makes it to a specific destination successfully and the destination is correctly configured.

  2. Bug Bounty Program
    The public bug bounty program is employed for continuous assessment. It helps in finding and fixing vulnerabilities in Segment’s applications and internet-facing assets.

  3. Internal Security
    Production secrets are managed with AWS tools. Data is encrypted at rest and internal access is limited to critical tools using time-bound access.

Product Pricing

  1. Team Plan
    Pricing starts at $120 per month.
    • 10,000 visitors per month
    • Unlimited sources
    • Public API access

  2. Business Plan
    Pricing is customized.
    • Custom volume
    • Single view of the customer
    • Data governance
    • Advanced roles and permissions
    • Personalized customer experiences
    • HIPAA-eligibility (BAA required)
    • Regional segment (US or EU)


data tool 17 sheetgo

Product Features

  1. Security
    Sheetgo passed Google’s security test and completed the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA). It is Recommended for Google Workspace.

  2. Pre-Built Workflows
    A workflow simplifies automation processes. With Sheetgo’s varied solutions, you can implement your operations right away.

  3. Smart Transfers
    You can schedule transfers. If you need more data transfers, you can contact Sheetgo to top up.

Product Pricing

  1. Professional Plan
    Pricing starts from $22 per month.
    • Recommended for single professionals
    • 500 smart transfers per month
    • Up to 20MB per file
    • Basic support and onboarding
    • Automatic transfers up to once a day
    • Connect different file types
    • Connect cross-cloud files

  2. Business Plan
    Pricing starts from $77 per month.
    • Recommended for small and mid-sized teams
    • Everything from Professional plan
    • 1,500 smart transfers per month
    • Up to 100MB per file
    • Standard support and onboarding
    • Automatic transfers up to every 15 minutes 
    • Smart workflow triggers
    • Remove Sheetgo branding


data tool 18 skyvia

Product Features

  1. 100% Cloud-Based Platform
    It’s always online and accessible from anywhere. No complex setup is needed, and only a web browser is required.
  2. Cloud Architecture
    Skyvia is hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud. It provides security and scalability for large data volumes.

  3. Workspace Organization
    The interface is designed for convenient management of Skyvia objects. It also allows efficient workspace sharing and collaboration.

Product Pricing

  1. Basic Plan
    Pricing is $19 per month.
    • 100k records per month
    • Basic data ingestion and ELT scenarios
    • Once a day scheduling
    • 5 scheduled integrations
    • Simple mapping features

  2. Standard Plan
    Pricing is $99 per month.
    • 500k records per month
    • ELT and ETL scenarios
    • Once an hour scheduling
    • 50 scheduled integrations
    • Advanced mapping features


data tool 19 stitch

Product Features

  1. Documentation and Changelog
    There are no surprises because Stitch has open source, comprehensive documentation as well as a transparent changelog. Stitch is also constantly adding new integrations.

  2. Environment
    Amazon Web Services hosts Stitch’s servers. Stitch’s environment and application are regularly audited by third-party security professionals.

  3. Singer
    The open source platform Singer powers Stitch’s data integrations. There are a lot of integrations built and maintained by the Singer community, and new ones are added every month.

Product Pricing

  1. Basic Plan
    Pricing starts at $100.
    • Basic data ingestion
    • 5-300 million rows per month
    • 1 destination
    • 10 standard sources
    • 5 users
    • 7-day extraction log retention
    • Global support: chat and portal

  2. Advanced Plan
    Pricing is $1,250 per month.
    • Advanced features for more extensibility and control of data pipelines
    • 100 million rows per month
    • 3 destinations
    • Unlimited enterprise sources
    • Unlimited users
    • 60-day extraction log retention
    • Global support: Gold
    • Connect API access
    • Add-on rows and destinations
    • Global customer success manager


data tool 20 supermetrics

Product Features

  1. Environmental and Physical Safeguards
    Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are Supermetrics’ cloud providers. Both providers have excellent regulatory audits and compliance.

  2. Open AI
    You can incorporate ChatGPT to run a summary on the results of your data. The results summary provides you with a fast and simple way to understand your marketing data.

  3. One Source of Truth
    Get data from 100+ sources and make them analysis-ready. Data integration can be done in minutes.

Product Pricing

  1. Essential Package for Google Sheets
    Pricing is $69 per month, billed annually.
    • 11 data sources
    • 5 accounts per data source
    • Weekly automated refreshes

  2. Core Package for Google Sheets
    Pricing is $239 per month, billed annually.
    • 28 data sources
    • 10 accounts per data source
    • Daily automated refreshes
    • Everything in Essential
    • Comprehensive coverage


data tool 30 tapclicks

Product Features

  1. TapAnalytics
    Features include data blending, auto-assignment, and advanced calculations. All campaign information is set in a single dashboard with on-demand reporting.

  2. TapReports
    The online dashboards and reports allow you to communicate with your clients anytime, anywhere. Features include a Report Studio, Report Scheduler, and Executive Summaries.

  3. TapWorkflow
    Create and assign tasks automatically to the right people. You can do that with features including User Availability, Webhooks, and Task Manager.

Product Pricing

  1. Basic Plan
    Pricing is $149 per month.
    • For small, early stage companies and agencies
    • Up to 30 standard data connectors
    • Predefined channels

  2. Pro Plan
    Pricing is $399 per month.
    • For industry pros
    • Hundreds of features and connectors
    • 250+ extended data connectors
    • Import custom datasets
    • Automapping


data tool 21 tray

Product Features

  1. Tray Platform
    Automators can automate processes through the Tray Platform. The platform helps connect apps speedily through its UI and workflow editor.

  2. Tray Status
    Check the system status to get full transparency of the Tray Platform. It’s a real-time view of the platform’s technical components.

  3. Tray Merlin AI
    Merlin builds workflows using connectors from Tray’s connector library. With Tray’s low-code foundation, it is well-positioned to create AI-powered automation.

Product Pricing

  1. Professional Plan
    Workflows are priced by volume.
    • 1 shared workspace
    • 3 included workflows
    • No add-ons

  2. Team Plan
    Workflows are priced by volume.
    • 2 shared workspaces
    • 6 included workflows
    • Available add-ons include SSO, multi-region, and custom log retention

Two Minute Reports

two minute reports 01

Product Features

  1. Self-Service Analytics
    It’s easy to explore, monitor, and report marketing metrics with data analytics and automation. Consolidating marketing or product data from different sources into a dashboard or report only takes minutes.

  2. 30-day No-Risk Guarantee
    If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel at any time during your subscription period. You’ll be refunded 100%, no questions asked, if you cancel within the 30 days of your purchase.

  3. 50+ Report Templates
    No code is required to use any of the templates. These templates work with Google Sheets and Looker Studio.

Product Pricing

  1. Lite Plan
    Pricing is $7 per month.
    • 1 user
    • 1 data source
    • 1 account per data source
    • 5 schedulers
    • Access all data sources 

  2. Basic Plan
    Pricing is $49 per month.
    • 2 free users
    • 10 data sources
    • 10 accounts per data source
    • 15 schedulers
    • Access all data sources


data tool 31 whatagraph

Product Features

  1. 40 Integrations
    There are more than 40 ready-made integrations. Google Sheets, Custom APIs, and BigQuery can help when sources are not listed.

  2. Templates
    Instant report and dashboard templates are available. You can get data analytics in minutes.

  3. Custom Formulas
    Cross-channel reporting and data blending become seamless with custom formulas. You can combine insights from various sources, such as the number of visitors across social media platforms, in one widget.

Product Pricing

  1. Professional Plan
    Pricing is $223 per month, billed annually.
    • Suitable for most in-house marketing teams
    • 40+ integrations
    • Pre-made templates
    • Unlimited reports
    • Unlimited historical data

  2. Premium Plan
    Pricing is $335 per month, billed annually.
    • For small marketing agencies
    • 50-100 data sources
    • 10 users


data tool 07 windsor

Product Features

  1. Multi-touch Marketing Attribution Software
    Data can be streamed to any existing data warehouse. All information can be available in an easy to use format.

  2. Unlimited Users
    There’s no limit to the number of users you can add to your account. An account is an ad account, a CRM account, or an analytics property.

  3. Support Any Cloud-based Software
    You can connect many tools and apps easily. also builds custom integrations upon request.

Product Pricing

  1. Basic Plan
    Pricing is $23 per month.
    • Unlimited users
    • 3 data sources
    • 75 accounts

  2. Standard Plan
    Pricing is $118 per month.
    • Unlimited users
    • 7 data sources
    • 75 accounts


data tool 22 workato

Product Features

  1. Live Product Demo
    You can schedule a demo to see your automation options. Workato can guide you through the process whether you’re a direct or embed user.

  2. Modern Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Use a mix of UI-based and API-based automation to have the right tool for the right problem. Workato leverages fit-for-purpose technologies for reliable and robust interactions with modern systems.

  3. Low-code/No-code Platform
    It enables teams to build integrations with significant speed. This is possible with pre-built connectors and a full cloud architecture.

Product Pricing

  1. Workato for Your Business
    Pay for what you use.
    • Start with a workato workspace that has unlimited apps, connections, and users
    • Add recipes individually or in packs

  2. Workato for Your Product
    Pay for what you use.
    • Customize workato to your needs
    • Get customer insights from your dashboard
    • Access to 24×7 support


data tool 23 zapier

Product Features

  1. Secure and Reliable Automation
    Zapier provides secure administration, permissions, and authentication. It enables single sign-on (SSO) for secure logins.

  2. Zapier Learn
    Upskill with Zapier through the courses they provide. Topics include automation and lead management.

  3. 5,000+ Apps
    There are endless possibilities with the thousands of apps Zapier supports. You can optimize the tools and connect the apps you use easily.

Product Pricing

  1. Starter Plan
    Pricing is $29.99 per month.
    • Simple, multi-step automation
    • 750 tasks per month
    • Filters and formatter

  2. Professional Plan
    Pricing is $73.50 per month.
    • Full power of Zapier’s automation platform
    • 2k tasks per month
    • Unlimited premium apps
    • Autoreply
    • Custom logic with paths

Conclusion: Automate Your Data Pipeline

There are many data integration tools on the market to choose from. This list aims to help you narrow down your options based on your organization’s needs. With the right automation tool, you can make the best decisions out of your data.

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